Katie and Brian - Touring Without Touring

While it's hard to see so many of our performing friends homebound, it's also exciting to see them regularly touring everywhere at once via the world wide web.

What we all need right now (and always) is something to look forward to. Our families, friends and fans need that. We need that. So we intend to engage in some of these fun live web shows. This page is where we'll tell you about them.

We really miss your faces.

Donations / Tips

Right now, Katie and I are not accepting any donations or tips. We're just happy you're here, and there's no pressure at all to donate. But if you are enjoying tonight's show and want to show your appreciation with money, here are two great ways you can bring even more joy to our lives:

1. Help independent musicians who are counting on live performance revenue to pay their bills. Our friends at Club Passim in Cambridge, MA have set up the PEAR (Passim Emergency Artists Relief) Fund. You can make a donation here, or read about the program here

2. Make an AIDS WALK contribution.  Wonderful human, great friend, and long time WA9-supporter Chris Chin participates every year. So we're keeping it personal by sending you to his contribution page. For thousands of people throughout the Tri-state area, AIDS Walk New York is a deeply personal and highly anticipated expression of their commitment to public health, community service, and human rights. Like many organizations with events derailed by COVID-19, they are working on innovative ways to safely continue this incredible tradition. 

Upcoming Shows

Previous events


IMT Showcase Night!

Webcasting Live to Institute of Musical Traditions’ Youtube and Facebook pages, Everywhere in the World

The Institue of Musical Traditions presents an online showcase with Katie and Brian, Tom Prasada-Rao, and Bumper Jacksons!

The always engaging David Eisner MC's and the charming and talented Rob Hinkal will be behind the scenes making this extra magical.

Find us here: https://www.facebook.com/events/263581488150992